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Evalyn Lee

Stagger to a Stop My Peopled Heart

Grief strikes my face. Lightning.

Sheets of rain like milk blue water.

Rain, sheets of milk, blue water.

My brother walks the music of the rain.

Music walking, brothered by the rain:

One, two, three, four; one, two, three, four; one,

two, three, four; one, two, three, four. One: two.

Regrets inside my heart. I stagger.

Inside my heart, I stagger, ghosted.

We be the animals who mourn.

We be the animals who begin again.

This is the changing of the seasons.

Change doesn’t die; seasons die, brothers

die. Strike my face. Grief. Lightning.

About the Author

Evalyn Lee is a former CBS News producer and poet living in London. She has produced television segments for 60 Minutes and the BBC. Her broadcast work has received an Emmy, a Grammy and Writers Guild Awards. Her poetry, short stories and essays have been published in over sixty literary magazines.

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