Toni Rose Atanacio

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Toni is a Liberal Studies major at IVC, and will transfer into an Art History undergraduate program in the future. She loves going to art museums, watching films, reading women writers, making music playlists, colors, and empathy. She is passionate about sports and physical/occupational therapy.

Bita behpoor

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Bita is an Economics major at IVC. She likes reading, sleeping, and scrolling through Pinterest at 3 a.m. *sips martini* 

Daria Berenfeld

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Daria Berenfeld is an English major in her second year at IVC. She enjoys reading, hiking, and watching movies in her free time. She is new to The Ear

Jewel Chu

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Jewel Chu is a Chemistry major at IVC. She enjoys playing the piano in her free time, reading, and trying new foods! She hopes to travel to Antarctica to see the penguins one day. 

tim brossas

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Tim is 17 and recently moved from the French countryside a year ago. After IVC, he wishes to double major in Political Science and Agroecology at UC Davis. He has always loved all types of arts especially anything including words or colors, and is really excited to be part of The Ear

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Mary Camarillo is currently working on a novel and a collection of short stories. Her stories have appeared in The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories, Daily Dose of Lit, Lunch Ticket, and The Ear. She lives in Huntington Beach, California with her ukulele playing husband and their terrorist cat, Riley.


No one here can say with any certainty whether Dodd actually exists. We were hoping you could tell us.

P. L. dodd
selene chang

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Selene is an aspiring double major in graphic design and Asian linguistics with a passion to merge the two. She's found juggling (and struggling) among her hobbies.

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Issa Early is a first year student attending IVC. She is an English major with a love for reading literature and poetry. In her free time she likes to browse the internet for dessert recipes she will never make. 

Issa Early
Hayley hitchens

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Hayley Hitchens is a nomadic entrepreneur of creative pursuits. As a lover of plants and animals, nature provides the best remedy to her free spirit beyond paper and pen. She spends her time crafting works of fiction, poetry, and art while traveling to all corners of the world.

Grace Han

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Grace Han is an English major. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, knitting, and writing to her pen pals. She lives in Orange County with her miniature dachshund, Oatmeal. 

Alyssa Nakatsukasa

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Alyssa is a journalism major at IVC. While she was initially interested in pursuing kinesiology, she developed a newfound love for writing. She changed directions and joined The Ear, which she is excited to be working on. She is obsessed with dogs, rainy days, and Disneyland.

zain raja

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Zain Raja is a Political Science major at IVC. In his free time, he likes to read, write op-ed pieces, and explore new hiking trails.

Kayla Hanson

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Kayla Hanson is an English Major at IVC. Formerly a theatre major, she rediscovered her love for writing last year and she’s so excited to now be a part of The Ear! In her free time, Kayla writes poetry/short stories, plays a lot of DnD, and of course reads whenever she can. 

Lauren Kang

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Lauren is a lover of all art. She loves to play violin, write poetry, and paint whenever she can. She is 16 and aspires to be a Chemistry major. This is her first year at IVC and is excited to be part of The Ear.

gennyvera pacheco

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Gennyvera is a writing student at IVC. When she isn't staring blankly at a word document, Gennyvera enjoys laughing at dumb jokes on the internet and spending time with her dog. 

Amy santa maria

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Amy is a Linguistics major with a passion for art and upscaling thrifted clothes. She likes to read science fiction, folktales, and other twisted fantasies. In her free time you can find her studying foreign languages.

Alyssa is an English major at IVC. In her free time, she can be found exploring Orange County coffee shops and writing poetry. She is new to The Ear.

Alyssa Hare
Aine molvik

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Aine is an English major. She was homeschooled through high school. She enjoys reading, writing, and drawing.

jillian pantig

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Jillian Pantig is currently pursuing a Computer Science major at IVC. Her love for poetry and art became her motivation to join The Ear.

Virginia Shank
Faculty Editor

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Virginia has a PhD in English and MA in literature from Binghamton University and an MFA from the University of Idaho. She's worked on Brilliant Corners, Fugue, and Harpur Palate and is honored to have re-launched The Ear.

annika sial

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Annika is an English major at IVC and a lover of books, art, and animals (especially her two adorable dogs). She does her best to advocate for animal rights, environmentalism, mental health, and general happiness.

esther tang

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Esther TANG 3.jpg

Esther Tang is co-founder of Herm Archer Turbochargers in China and POAG in Dubai. She graduated from Cornell University, Univ of Oxford (MBA), and Peking University (Law). Her dream dinner guests are Bill Watterson and the tree from The Giving Tree. 

hedieh sorouri

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Hedieh is an English major at IVC. She loves photography, baking, watching films, poetry, hugging her cat, and travelling to different national parks across the world. She is new to The Ear.

ryan yu

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Ryan Yu is a computer science major at IVC. He has an interest for the arts and writing, which prompted him to join The Ear. In his free time, he likes watching stand-up comedy, playing the piano, or just lounging around with his dog.

lexi star

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Lexi is an English major at IVC, and lover of all things literature. Her favorite things to do include traveling, dancing, and writing. She is beyond excited to begin her first year working on The Ear.