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Nicolette Bond

Nicolette is a Creative Writing major, captivated by diverse genres from Sarah Kay’s slam poetry to “Annie Dillard and the Writing Life” to Fruits Basket. She is a founder of IVC’s Game Development Club and a leader of the Student Game Development Association, finding solace in writing and developing stories.


Nicolle Delgado

Nicolle is an English major at IVC who is constantly rediscovering the possibilities of written word with every book, short story, poem, and even song lyrics she reads. She especially enjoys character driven narratives and would say that “The Secret History” by Donna Tartt is her favorite example of such novels. She is also interested in music and is constantly trying to discover new songs and artists to become obsessed with.


Jahan Mohazab-Hosseinian

Jahan is a first year Neuroscience major at IVC who aspires to be a well-rounded physician in the future. He adores seeing beyond the definition and is passionate about traveling and exploring the unknown, along with touching up on every area of knowledge he can get his hands on. He has a particular affinity in the art form of photography and admires the unique.

Jessica Smith.jpeg

Jessica Smith

Jessica is an English Literature major who is currently working to pursue her goal in education. You can find her either listening to Lady Gaga, playing video games, watching movies, or reading her ~current~ favorite book. All activities are, of course, paired with some coffee.

Mikey Chen.JPG

Mikey Chen

Mikey is in pursuit of a data science degree at IVC. He spends most of his time thinking about the rain and the rest is left for art. He journeys to Sequoia in the fall, and his favorite song is "Something About Us" by Daft Punk. His dreams are in VR.


Faith De Neve

Faith is a second year History major at IVC. She loves practicing French, reading novels from Frank Herbert to Jane Austen, and studying cultural anthropology. Faith is also a self-proclaimed foodie who loves baking, an amateur cinephile interested in pop culture, and a music lover who sings for fun.

David Olson.jpg

David Olson

David is an English major at IVC. He loves the outdoors as an avid backpacker and environmentalist, but he also loves to spend time indoors reading fantasy and science fiction novels and writing poetry and fiction.


Elise Tyler

Elise is an English major at IVC who loves surrounding herself with books, family, friends, and nature. She travels as much as she can, normally by road tripping, and binges Gilmore Girls yearly. She loves hanging out at the beach during summer but loves the rain in winter even more. Elise hopes to pursue a career in education, teaching literature to students.

Chloe Deering.JPG

Chloe Deering

Chloe attends Irvine Valley College, currently working towards degrees in Communication Studies and English Literature. She plans to pursue a career in the publishing industry, with hopes of self-publishing a collection of her poetry someday soon. Her grandma inspired her love of poetry from a young age, and they continue to write together as frequently as they can.


Victoria Medina

Victoria is an English major who finds unspeakable pleasure in poetry. She enjoys the works of classics such as Plath, Woolf, and Bukowski. She believes poems are best experienced in the form of spoken word. Victoria spends her time delighting in the company of her dog, Tiddles, and practicing poems of her own. 

Larissa Parra.jpg

Larissa Parra

Larissa is an English major who falls in love with literature, but mostly with the world every time she reads. Born to a family of educators, she discovered the value of words in fostering empathy, which is why she plans to teach Comparative Literature and encourage the adoption of diverse, dynamic literature into the canon. She loves Maggie Nelson, Anaïs Nin, Gabriel García Márquez, and Allen Ginsberg.


 Makayla Wu

Makayla is a first year English major at IVC who enjoys folkpunk music and green tea. She loves the Arts and Crafts Movement of the late 1800s and the works of Stephen Sondheim, with Sweeney Todd being a longtime favorite of hers. She sees herself pursuing a career in television and film surrounding sci-fi and psychological horror. A few of her favorite shows at the moment are Atlanta, Succession, and Smiling Friends.


Virginia Shank

Faculty Editor

Virginia has a PhD in English and MA in literature from Binghamton University and an MFA from the University of Idaho. She's worked on Brilliant Corners, Fugue, and Harpur Palate and is honored to have re-launched The Ear.

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