mina akbar

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Mina is a current sophomore and English major at IVC. Her two main passions in life are writing and fashion. She also has an Instagram blog where she posts much of her work. She is also the PR Representative for IVC’s Mental Wellness Club.

audrey arellano

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Audrey is a second year English major at IVC. She loves reading all genres and writing poetry and nonfiction. She plans to become a high school English teacher and publish her own poetry book someday. Other than reading and writing, her hobbies include painting, cooking, baking, crafting and photography.

ashley bell

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Ashley is in her sophomore year at IVC and pursuing a major in English. She loves writing creative fiction and poetry. In her free time, she runs her own dogsitting business, plays guitar, and listens to music. Her favorite books include Gone Girl, the Harry Potter Series, Homegoing, and And Then They Were None.

fallon lynn bryan

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Fallon is a second year student majoring in Sociology at IVC. She loves writing and reading both fiction and nonfiction stories of all genres, and specializes in writing short stories. When not writing or reading, she enjoys singing, drawing, and playing violin.


Lilith is a second year Literary Journalism and Japanese major at IVC. Her passions include ballet, editing, and Japanese language and culture. As president of IVC’s Japanese Club, she aspires to bring people together over a passion for learning about world languages and cultures. She looks forward to continuing her interest in the arts through The Ear.

lilith christopher
faith de neve

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Faith is a first year Art History major at IVC. She loves practicing French, reading novels from Frank Herbert to Jane Austen, and studying cultural anthropology. Faith is also a self-proclaimed foodie who loves baking, an amateur cinephile interested in pop culture, and a music lover who sings for fun.

Virginia Shank
Faculty Editor

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Virginia has a PhD in English and MA in literature from Binghamton University and an MFA from the University of Idaho. She's worked on Brilliant Corners, Fugue, and Harpur Palate and is honored to have re-launched The Ear.