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Thank You


The Ear would not be possible without the support of our community! From the English department administrative assistant, Toni Fuentes—who handles all the paperwork, purchase orders, and deadlines—to our incredibly supportive Foundation staff—who help with fundraising and paying the more complicated bills—we couldn't do it without you!

Thanks to our contributors, our readers, and all the excellent writers and artists who trusted us with their work. What an honor to work with you!

Thanks also to everyone who's donated to support the journal and the new Linda Purdy Memorial Prize. You're supporting both creativity in our community and students developing real world skills. 

But the real stars are our student editors (pictured above)—Jessica, Nicolle, Azad, Mikey, Nicollette, Elise, and Raquel & Yasmeen (not pictured)—who handled everything from designing and posting flyers, staff recruitment, social media management, and selecting content, to every aspect of our launch party, including painting the photobooth backdrop, room & gallery setup, helping with party catering and cleanup.

Prefer Print?

Get your physical copy by donating to support The Ear.


All proceeds support future editions and endeavors of the magazine!

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