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For someone from a mixed background I was surrounded by a lot of white people, and until my attention was called to it I hadn't realized it was such a big deal. Maybe it was because some of my family still looked white, even though you could tell their true origin as soon as they opened their mouths and the thick Spanish r's tripped over their tongues. 

Collection of Recollections

Nathan Dhami

That’s when Dad struck Andy in the face, and the world went quiet.  Blood slowly dripped down Andy’s nose.  Andy glared at Dad, his eyes saturated in a glaze of angry tears.  Then he turned toward me.  This is the moment I think about the most.  The way he stared at me.  As if I had pulled a gun on him. I stood there, frozen, as everything crumble in front to me.  Andy started to back away and sprinted down the block.  Dad didn’t say a word. 

All We Really Do

Nathan Cayanan

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