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Moira Magneson


for the missing women of Ciudad Juárez

We are the lost and grieved.

Now, the earth, our mother.

The wind and rain, our sisters.

The waltzing mouse, fire ant, mole,

the horned toad, spider

all sisters.

Each day, we are undressed

and blessed to our bones.

Bit by bit, we articulate

from the dust. Ribs, tibias,

femurs rise to stand. Refuse

your idea of us.

Ulnas, metacarpals

extend across years,

across desert, the city,

las maquiladoras,

the courtroom—point to you.


About the Author

Moira Magneson calls the Sierra foothills home and taught English for many years at Sacramento City College. Prior to teaching, she worked as a river guide throughout the West. Most recently her poems have appeared in Horned Things, Passager, The New Verse News, and Persimmon Tree.

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