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Holly Thomas


There is a stove,

and my hand is on the burner.

It is permitted,

that my hand may hover

just an inch above the surface.

But even in the simplest of actions, exhaustion can be quick to set in.

There comes a point where I must put my hand back on the stove

As the pain turns to shock,

turns to pain, renewed,

you wait,

until you can lift your hand for another moment.

And some will say,

“The stove will run out of gas, some day.”

“Some day—”

All you have to do

is keep holding your hand to the stove.

All you have to do

is exchange one rest for another.

About the Author

Holly Thomas is a multi-talented artist with a passion for poetry, painting, and game development. They use poetry as a therapeutic outlet to express their personal experiences and trauma. Their diverse creative background fuels their unique voice and style in each of their artistic endeavors. Find them @HollyType or

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