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Stephen Wing

Omens of an Evening

Collecting the omens
of an evening walk—
(man on a leash
waiting for his pet to finish
sniffing at something in the grass—)
I calculate the chances
of your call:  they add
every time to an irrational number,
I am afraid I will forget
how to count back down
(pigeon almost white
swooping down out of half-light
like a soiled dove—)
The wet calligraphy of trees
escapes me, a litter of auguries
along the sidewalk gone
illegible in dusk-puddles, the fixed
constellation of streetlights
not yet lit
(traffic light down
between two mailboxes, blinking
Don’t Walk!  Don’t Walk!
in urgent amber at the sky—)
I stand
straddling it too long
trying to make out a meaning
and almost miss my chance
to cross

(Have I missed
your call?)

About the Author

Stephen Wing authored three books of poems, the Earth Poetry chapbook series, and Free Ralph!, a comic novel with an environmental theme, lives in Atlanta—serving on the boards of Nuclear Watch South and the Lake Claire Community Land Trust—and hosts seasonal outdoor “Earth Poetry” workshops. Learn more on his website.

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