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Clarence Wolfshohl

To a Turkey Full of Lead (or not)

for Brian, the old spit and drum man

Fanned out beyond a Stay-Puff marshmallow,
like a customized Chrysler with ground effects
and fender fins bristling in bronze and black,
you old gobbler, strutted, spitting and drumming
within easy shot, and the hunter squeezed it off
right into your beach ball circle of feathers and air.
It knocked you for a loop, old Tom. You got
right back up. The hunter’s partner fired
and bowled you again. You got right back up,
shook your plumes and began your famous dance—
the turkey trot—toward the levee. The partner
up and at ‘em, fired two more times, each making
feathers fly and you tumble. You got right
back up. And disappeared.

So I hope someday when you give it all up
and drop down as all we mortals do, old bird,
you’ll puff your feathers one more time
as you get right back up.

About the Author

Clarence Wolfshohl has been active as writer and publisher for fifty years, publishing poetry and non-fiction in many journals, both print and online, including Red River Review, San Pedro River Review, Agave, Cape Rock, and New Letters. His latest book is Armadillos & Groundhogs (El Grito del Lobo, 2019).

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